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Dear Friends,

We use the term family violence to highlight the impact on children. Children are some of the most vulnerable members of our society, and for some children home is the most dangerous place they go. We know children are deeply hurt in many ways when exposed to violence. On PEI, children who witness violence are considered to be abused. This is because we know that children experience the same impacts from witnessing abuse as from being directly abused themselves.

Children are harmed by experiencing or witnessing violence at any age. When children grow up in violence, their brains are focused on managing danger and threat.  This can have longterm impacts on their development. In the case of family violence, the harm comes at the hands of trusted caregivers.  This teaches children and youth that those who love you will also hurt you. This can shape how they form relationships in the future.

At PEI FVPS, we have many options for those leaving violence.  Our mission is to end family violence in our province through quality programs designed to create safer, more peaceful families. This work is only possible with community support like yours.  Please support our annual financial campaign.  All funds raised go directly to frontline, crisis work to end family violence.

Thank you and Happy Holidays, 

Danya O’Malley, Executive Director


Family violence harms children in many ways. Whether it’s one harmful incident, or many, it can impact a child’s development, or affect how they feel about themselves, their safety, and their family.

  • In 2020/2021, PEI Family Violence Prevention Services sheltered 75 women and 18 children at Anderson House and provided Outreach services to 265 women and their 339 children.
  • On PEI in 2020/2021, there were 2072 reports to Child Protection where the primary risk factor was abuse or neglect.
  • Approximately 60% of callers to PEI’s Rape/Sexual Assault Crisis Centre are adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

By understanding how children experience family violence, we can better support their healing and encourage healthy self-esteem, communication, and personal relationships.

  • We have a full time Children’s Services Coordinator and a dedicated program at Anderson House to help parents and their children, of all ages, heal from the trauma of family violence.
  • We provide training on childhood trauma to early learning educators and other service providers, and support children and youth by working with teachers, guidance staff, in-school youth workers and student wellbeing teams.
  • We partner with the Department of Education to deliver youth programming on healthy relationships in select schools, with a hope to expand Island-wide.


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