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Dear Friends,

You hear it everywhere – this has been a year like no other. Even though Prince Edward Island has remained relatively safe in these hard times, we have all been deeply impacted. We have changed the way we do things and adapted to a new reality. It’s been tough, but for every story of hardship and struggle, I have heard one of compassion and giving. People being neighbourly, checking on one another, helping out those who need it. I am proud of Islanders for coming together in these challenging times.

It is moving to see how the urgency of family violence has been raised throughout the pandemic. People are acknowledging that those impacted by violence are at even greater risk when you add isolation and intense family stress. We have promoted this increased need for our services alongside government and media. Our team has worked hard to adapt our services so that we are able to get help to those who need it, in a safe and timely way.

One remaining problem is how to fundraise under the current restrictions. We rely on events as an important revenue stream to directly fund our programs and services. Throughout the year we host things like concerts, dinners, community sales, or golf tournaments. None of this can happen as it used to. Although we could scale back the size of our events, this would greatly impact the amount we would raise. This is why we have decided to make a very ambitious goal for our Financial Campaign! We have doubled last year’s goal and will attempt to raise $100,000 for the 2020-2021 campaign. We know if all of our supporters come together, we can make it! Your generosity is appreciated most by those who use our services.

Thank you and Happy Holidays,

Danya O’Malley, Executive Director


Enhanced Electronic Connection

  • Clients can have the same level of service without leaving their homes
  • Frontline workers have software and equipment to work from home
  • Those in need can access a program for free phones

New Text & Chat Software

  • There are now more ways to safely contact us
  • New software to reach crisis staff by text or chat
  • Those who can’t make or take calls can still access services

Ongoing Shelter Operation

  • Some services can’t be virtual. Our Emergency Shelter has remained open and available throughout the pandemic
  • The Chief Public Health Office guidelines ensure we provide crisis services in a safe and responsible way
  • Our operational plans keep residents and staff safe, so we can continue to do this valuable work

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