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Mugisha Enterprises, in collaboration with the City of Charlottetown’s Mayor’s Purple Ribbon Task Force on Family Violence Prevention, will be holding auditions on Sunday, September 17, and Monday, September 18, 2017, to fill the roles listed below in a workplace training and public education video that will emphasize small, straightforward actions people can take in everyday life to notice and to help when they see signs of possible family violence.

To book an audition time, please email

Auditions will take place at the PEI Advisory Council on the Status of Women office (Sherwood Business Centre, 161 St. Peters Road, see directions below*).

Scripts will be provided on the day.

All ethnicities, genders, ages, and abilities are encouraged to book an audition.

Parts for Men (9 roles)

  • 1 man, any background, 65+
  • 1 man, Asian or Middle Eastern, middle-aged
  • 1 man, any background, “hipster” look
  • 1 man, white-presenting, expensive-looking hair, 40s
  • 1 man, brown or Black, 20s
  • 1 man, white-presenting, professional look, any age
  • 1 man, edgy/alternative/punk look, teens to early 20s
  • 1 man, white-presenting, over 65 (preference for 75+)
  • 1 man, Indigenous, 40s

Parts for Women (9 roles)

  • 1 woman, hijab-wearing, brown, any age
  • 1 woman, white-presenting, 20-45
  • 1 woman, white-presenting, “soccer mom” type, 40s
  • 1 woman, white-presenting, expensive-looking hair, 40s
  • 1 woman, Indigenous, any age
  • 1 woman, any background, 65+
  • 1 woman, white-presenting, mid-20s
  • 1 woman, Asian or Latina, 30s
  • 1 woman, any background, any age

Parts for Either Gender (2 roles)

  • 1 person, any background, natural non-English/non-French accent, 30s
  • 1 person who uses a wheelchair, any age

Parts for Non-Binary (1 role)

  • 1 non-binary person, 20s

Extras, diverse backgrounds and ages


* Directions: Please enter the Sherwood Business Centre (Ellis Brothers) through the Public Health door at the back of the building. The Advisory Council on the Status of Women office is down the ramp, past the café, and on the right just beyond a big orange fridge that says “Cool Books for Kids.”