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Who can use Anderson House?

Women and children who are experiencing abuse or fear abuse from their partner, ex-partner, or others can come to Anderson House.

Do I have to be hit by my partner to come into Anderson House?

No. Anderson House staff recognize and understand all forms of abuse including emotional, verbal, financial and sexual abuse. Who is your abuser? It could be someone you currently:

  • are dating
  • live with
  • married to
  • employed by
  • ending a relationship with

When you experience abuse, you may feel:

  • degraded
  • fearful
  • isolated
  • helpless
  • stressed
  • confused
  • angry
  • anxious
  • embarrassed

Where is the shelter and what can I expect?

Anderson House is a large older home in Charlottetown. The shelter can accommodate 20 women and children. The shelter is a safe, supportive, and friendly space.

Is there a cost to stay at Anderson House?

No. Anderson House shelter is operated by a non-profit organization.

What services are available for my children at Anderson House?

We have a qualified childcare specialist. There is also a spacious, well-equipped playroom.

What happens when I call Anderson House?

  • trained staff will answer and listen to you.
  • all calls are confidential – you do not have to identify yourself.
  • staff will give you information.
  • staff will arrange transportation to the shelter, if needed.
  • staff will assist you by talking about safety plans and options that will be helpful.

I don’t want to stay at Anderson House. Can I just talk with someone?

Yes, call the Emergency Crisis and Support Line:

Local: (902) 892-0960

Toll Free: 1-800-240-9894 (PEI)